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Masalco is the leading aluminium extrusion company in Syria and the Levant.

We pride ourselves on utilizing the latest technologies and processes which allow us to produce high quality aluminium profiles at competitive prices.

We are dedicated to offering a wide variety of products, promptly delivering orders, and achieving product color and quality consistency.

At Masalco, we only sell what we would install in our own homes

We pride ourselves in always putting the quality of our products first. We have a large quality team that checks for clean surface finish, correct dimensions and hardness, durability, color consistency, and many other factors.

Masalco only uses raw materials from the best and most reputable suppliers in the world. We do rigorous checks of our raw materials in order to ensure they always meet the highest international standards.

We promise to give you the best value for your money. We also promise to consistently deliver your complete order faster than the industry average delivery time.

We fully guarantee all of our profiles and we assure you that we will exceed your expectations

Our Products

Masalco manufactures anodized, powder coated, and wood finish profiles in a wide variety of colors


Masalco produces many colors of anodized aluminium. These colors include but are not limited to: silver, champagne, light bronze, dark bronze, and black.

Powder Coated

Masalco produces many different powder coating colors. We are able to produce virtually any color you may require.

Wood Finish

Masalco produces many different wood finish colors. In the Levant, our colors are known by their market names as tobacco, megano, cherry, venga, and chestnut.