Wood Finish Profiles

Masalco produces many different wood finish colors. In the Levant, our colors are known by their market names as tobacco, megano, cherry, venga, and chestnut. We are also able to copy any wood finish color you may require in a very short period of time.

We pride ourselves on achieving high color consistency. We ensure that once a color is chosen by a customer, all profiles manufactured by the company are produced to exactly match that color. We guarantee all of our profiles, and will happily return any profiles that deviate from the chosen color in even the slightest sense.

Masalco uses powder and wood finish sublimation film from the best and most reputable suppliers in the world. We do regular and rigorous checks of our raw materials in order to protect our customers. These checks include UV and Xenon-Arc tests to ensure maximum product corrosion and UV resistance. We also subject our profiles to pressure-cooking tests to make sure the powder film will not peel or crack during installation.