Anodized Profiles

Masalco produces many colors of anodized aluminium. These colors include but are not limited to: silver, champagne, light bronze, dark bronze, and black. We are also able to produce any color on the Tin(II)-Sulfate dye range as per your requirements. In addition to color, our anodized profiles can be produced to be glossy, matt, or anything in between.

We pride ourselves on achieving high color consistency. We ensure that once a color is chosen by a customer, all profiles manufactured by the company are produced to exactly match that color. We guarantee all of our profiles, and will happily return any profiles that deviate from the chosen color in even the slightest sense.

Masalco only buys anodizing chemicals from the best and most reputable suppliers in the world. All our profiles have a thick oxidation thickness to protect against corrosion and wear, as well as to ensure the correct color is achieved. We can also provide high thickness anodizing for specific applications that require very high corrosion and wear resistance.

Our company stands out in that it can maintain a clean surface finish on all anodized profiles in even the thinnest of sections.